Moving towards a closed-loop of quality assurance for biopharma cold chain in China

BioPharma cold chain has gained unprecedented attention after the case of $90 million worth of incorrectly handled vaccines took place in March 2016 that shook the country. Government vows to crackdown the distribution of fake vaccines that will drive the people taking them to suffer severe side effect or even death. How to create a closed-loop of supervision system to ensure the quality of cold chain storage and transportation is the prime focus for the safe employment of temperature sensitive biopharma products.


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Key Topics To Be Addressed in 2016 Include:

End-to-end temperature monitoring

Ensuring a continuous record is maintained from the point of manufacturing to the point of dispensing

Closed-loop quality supervision

Linking the upstream and downstream parties to implement seamless cold chain

Latest technology

Exploring the cutting edge tools in the market to nurture China’s cold chain logistics

Control room temperature/Ambient product transportation

Maintaining the temperature for CRT products with minimal cost

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What’s New This Year?


New focus on transportation strategy for CRT/Ambient biopharma products


Ensuring the temperature control for vaccines among different distribution parties


Making efforts to establish a closed-loop of the quality supervision system by cooperating with different parties along cold chain


Co-locating with Biopharma quality and compliance summit to get a more comprehensive view of the quality system of biopharma industry


Tackling the challenges of centres for disease control and prevention spread in different parts of China

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